New holy daze

Our youngest kids are growing up with none of the family connections that I had growing up. It kind of used to devastate me. For our first years here, I tried so hard to re-create those memories, tried so hard to make sure they always had cousins around them to play with… tried so hard that I wore myself ragged and weary of the holidays in general.

Over the last year, something happened.

The reality of grace set in in a whole new way in my life.

I realize that I don’t even have to work so hard when it comes to the health and hearts  of my family. God has them. He loves my kids more than I do. He’s got them, just like he has Rod and me, always.

So on Easter, we served at church, blessed to be part of telling the greatest story, delighted to greet so many who are part of our lives, even posing for fun moments and photos with framily (a subject I will ruminate on often, because framily = the family we gather, and it means pretty much everything to me).

Then a bunch of us gathered in a restaurant. No baskets or candies or gifts were given.

This afternoon, all of my people split off in different directions, even my little ones. I started to feel sad until my husband reminded me that this was an opportunity.

So I came to the beach alone, where I can worship as I can in no other place. I listen to songs I hadn’t long time… as I walk, I took off the faces of those who love my family, but even more importantly, the ones we are blessed love. I am amazed and grateful all over again that even without a great big project, a bus, even a blog, God has allowed us to expand our territory in this beautiful place we called him for nearly 7 years.

And this perfect reminder was never more true. Happy Easter…rest in Him. It’s what He wants from us.

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