SWERVE: When Life Throws Curves, But God Said LIVE.

“Real life is loaded with lessons to be learned, lessons that fantasy has the luxury of avoiding. In this book of uncomplicated devotions, Kelly Burton does a brave and generous thing by allowing us to come along while she and her close-knit family works and plays and falls down and gets up and does it all over again. Then, with gentleness and courage, she shares the lessons the experiences taught with an honesty that is refreshing and sweet.” – Kenny Bishop, Singer & Minister
In an approachable, humorous, and transparent journey to mid-life, Swerve takes a look at the unexpected blessings that come from unexpected complications. Dealing with topics such as failure, friendships, infertility, miscarriage, and blended and chosen families, the author shares personal anecdotes and faith perspectives in 21 essays designed to encourage you toward renewed thoughts and life-affirming, Christ-centered actions.

Responses to SWERVE

LOVE: freeing ourselves from the unhealthy need to earn approval from others... that we can ask for joy!... a strength becoming a weakness!
Mylena Yee
P.A. & Homeschooling Mom of 6
I am sure the stories will be welcomed by many and be a tool for others in figuring out their path. The scripture passages at the start of each chapter provided a good focus for me, acting as a focal point for what I was to read next. I liked their guidance.
Vicki Hicks
Educator & Reader
Our regrets, when you put them in their truest light, make us better human beings. I’m not a believer, per se (I accept that I believe there is an unknowable, and that’s as far as I can get.) I’m not the audience for this, so I tried to look at it through a different lens: as someone with a faith in God going – at least occasionally – tough times, if not physically, emotionally. There is a place for Swerve. A good place.
Michael Scott Hopkins
Author & Attorney

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