PRESS RELEASE: The Tentative Knock is released

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Surfside Beach Stars in Local Author’s Debut NovelLove after loss, Generation-X middle-agers featured in The Tentative Knock SURFSIDE BEACH, SC – (Sept. 16, 2021) A local romance author is celebrating the release of her debut novel with a reading and launch party this weekend. Inspired by the natural beauty and community of Surfside Beach, resident Kelly Capriotti Burton wrote a romance focusing on new love and identity after widowhood, blending families, and finding solace on the sand, with protagonists who are not the typical Hallmark-movie archetypes. “I wanted to tell a story of love that is messy, how we can aspire to a conventional life and try to do things in order, but ultimately, even as distinguished grown-ups, we have… Read More »PRESS RELEASE: The Tentative Knock is released

Choosing the music

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The other night, a friend i’ve had for 10 years heard me sing for the first time. I giggled when she looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I didn’t know you could sing!” I mean, I’m not a singer, by any means. But the next morning, on my run, I reflected some on how I did sing for most of my life, first in school, then in a number of churches. This led me to remembering why I gave up choir after ninth grade.  Our schedules had room for two electives. I needed one more year of a foreign language, and I refused to give up journalism (still the most important and useful class I ever had). The only… Read More »Choosing the music

100 words is easy

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Break the journey down into the smallest steps you need. And then start walking.

Surrender to the rhythm

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Last year, I started exercising regularly with a commitment I have never had before. And 9 months ago, I started running, which, honestly, has changed me from the inside-out. Running has become my alone time, my alarm clock, my stress relief, and my first line of defense.

On February 19

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At 42, I am still learning about myself and why I am the way that I am. It doesn’t make us selfish to want to be better, to want to be our best.

The personal balance of time

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It’s a matter of choice, of priority, of necessity…

I think it’s a line that in particular, American women, are fed, that we “should” place priority on certain things (mainly, how we, our homes, our children, and our social media feeds should look). 

What the heck is a holiday hack?

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We don’t really have holiday traditions at this point. We just have big love for celebrations, a pretty big family, a rotating door for people who need a place to crash,

Run like you’re on fire

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Everyone finishing this race has a story. Everyone overcame something to be here. It’s such an easy metaphor for life… We want to have a story that matters.

Show up for yourself

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I was stressed and irritated and just plain mad about some things, and in my head, I heard a voice saying, They don’t listen to me. They’re not really with me.

And that is when I had an answer hit me even harder.