About Kelly

About Kelly

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Kelly Capriotti Burton is a gatherer – of people and of stories.

Having worked as a writer and editor since high school, she has settled in to a role of bridging and resourcing – her own family, clients at the local running store  ministries within a thriving community church  and whomever crosses her path that could use encouragement.

Kelly is the creator of the blog, “Kell of a Story,” featuring recordings and articles that celebrate our stories. She is co-host of The Refreshed Life Podcast, along with her longtime friend Deanna Mason, business coach and creator of Refreshed Moms.  She is currently seeking representation for The Tentative Knock, a novel about Gen-X widowers finding love again.

A native of Chicago Heights, Illinois, Kelly now resides in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, where she does life with her husband Rod, their kids (Josh [Kirsten], Paige, Miranda, Kaitlyn, and Jackson), their granddaughter Nora, their parents, their two dogs Max and Willie, a Harley, and lots and lots of gathered family.

Kelly loves spending time at the beach, Gen-X pop culture, cooking, running, reading, and obsessively watching “her programs.”

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Kelly in her own words:

In the fall of 2010, a Bible teacher prayed over my family and me with the words, ‘God has not called you to be normal. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I grew up feeling ordinary – or less than! – in every way. I was often relegated to the background, or seemingly the proverbial second choice. When you’re a kid, being reliable rather than shiny doesn’t seem very fun.

But when you’re an adult, loyalty and stability can be in high demand around you.

At age 40ish, as a wife, mama, Gigi, daughter, sister, pastor, and community member, I’m learning to embrace the role we are all called to: neighbor. My mission is to love those around me, my motivation is to help people find or create family.

 (l-r) Jack, Rod, Josh, Kaity, Kelly, Paige, Miranda, Kirsten, and Nora Lennox Burton

Since relocating from Chicagoland to coastal South Carolina in 2011, I’ve been honing my understanding and application of a grace-driven, Holy-Spirit-led life. It makes all the difference. I love to take those experiences and lessons and turn them into smile-inducing, heart-lifting words.