Singles. Musicians. Drinks. It all added up...
Nothing was really wrong, but everything was wrong.

Harrison had his bass on his lap, the amp next to him on the floor, his eyes closed as he picked the strings. Brittney didn’t want to notice what her best friend’s brother was wearing, or how tanned his sinewy arms were. She didn’t need to solve the mystery of him. Why, though, in fifteen years of best friendship, had El not talked more about him?

Having been lost since a break-up and losing her dad, Brittney Oakley has enough:

...a job in her chosen field that pays her bills, a big family who loves her, and a best friend with an awesome ‘90s cover band and an empty beach house guest room. And Brittney needs to crash.

Her humiliation is only trumped by one thing, her desire for a brooding musician – bless her heart – who also happens to be her best friend’s estranged brother – and their new roommate. It’s a mess, but Brittney came from complications made beautiful. Her mama, Jessie, is still navigating her new marriage -- and that of her best friend Maggie, who brings romantic chaos into town with her.

Join the Oakley-Jameson family – and those who are practically family to them, who live, love, and learn the hard way in the beautiful oceanside South Carolina town of Surfside Beach.

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