This is 41

There is a reason I am blogging again.

OK, maybe there are two reasons.

One is that I write things in my head all the time, and a few of them are worth sharing, but no, sharing on social media isn’t really where I want to hang these days. There are so many words  that even the ones which touch our hearts or stimulate some important thinking get lost.

Two is that a friend of mine wants to partner on some fun stuff – encouraging, equipping, empowering moms, and since her platform is largely online, it’s time I rev up to more than a fun Instagram.

So here we are.

As I build the 40-something version of who was previously known as KelsHouse, Southern Gospel Wife, and Chicagolina, I will also be archiving the 10-15 years of past posts that I think may have stood the test of time.

I’ll also catch you up a little bit:

  • still married to Rod. His hair is longer, his patience is shorter, and he is still my hero on a motorcycle.
  • still got a houseful. These days, it’s a house at the beach (thunderous cheers!), and it’s filled with the aforementioned husband, three of the five kids, (now aged 3-11), and our surrogate parents, living in the ground floor apartment. There are also two wisecracking dogs (their attitude shows. Trust me).
  • still got a minivan. I am the taxi mom for Miranda the dancer, Kaity the Karate Kid, and Jack, Mr. Congeniality at his pre-school, and other stuff like meals on wheels, tea dates with my mom (because my parents moved here, too!), and taco nights with the bulk of Burton Nation, because all kinds of us moved here, and we gathered some more.

still love the beach, coffee, stories, taco nights, binge watching, movie fandom, Disney World and other forms of travel, and cooking.

  • still working at Journeychurch, which finally became cemented in my whole being this year as the place I am meant to be. I have a weird mix of skills. They fit and they help there, and I am proud to be an administrative assistant to a pastor who teaches and lives the grace of Jesus, (and allows me to grow and create), and a resource for a wonderful, generous team of people who serve our community.
  • still residing in the “South Strand,” and becoming more invested and active in the Surfside Beach community.  (including a PTA Vice Presidentship that begins soon. Pray!)
  • still trying to get more fit. I have a better handle on what that looks like to me, thanks to the partnership of some transparent friends, an inspiring coach, and the belief that being grace-driven also applies to eating and exercise.

I will share the daily, the delightful, the dirty here, as I can. Because that minivan doesn’t drive itself, and that church app doesn’t update itself, and a date night on the back of Rod’s Harley is more important to me than “likes.”

But I plan to love this space… and I always love sharing with you. I have spent the growing and living and mulling and have results to record. It’s a wonderful gift to know yourself – and to embrace not only one’s Creator, but the idea that the Creator lives in me! This year, I have regained not only a sense of adventure, but a little bit of opportunity, and I am excited for where it will lead!

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