The Surfside Beach series continues with the story of 
Jessie & Paul's first Christmas, after...

Another at the Table
'I didn’t have the patience for the Holy Ghost or the time for ghosts of Christmas past. My Jessie was waiting.'

It’s the first Christmas in their new normal. But it was probably never normal, anyway.

Newly widowed Jessie Oakley is spending Christmas in her favorite place: home at the beach. It also happens to be her first Christmas with Paul Jameson, also newly widowed and the new love of her life. The emotions run deep and complicated among them and their big, blending family.

Meanwhile, Jessie’s best friend Maggie is coming to town, with her own new husband and grown daughters and stepchildren in tow. She’s taking care of Jessie by taking over the kitchen, but also harboring a secret that Jessie doesn’t want to hear.

When December 24 arrives, everyone is geared for a holy exhale and a kind-of silent night. Secrets are revealed and a chain of unexpected visitors throws more chaos into their Christmas.

Come back to Surfside Beach with the Oakleys. Their new normal is sure to include forgiveness, laughter, and love.