Come back to Surfside Beach with the Oakley and Jameson clan. They're running, they're healing, they're talking it out, and... well... then some...

Run This Way
But I also knew that sometimes, the steps to get to a better place are covered with burning coals, and it takes courage and pain to get to where we want to be. - Jessie

Look how far she had fallen. Even her internal monologue was unrecognizable.

Julie Jameson once thought the answer to her grief was leaving her hometown on the South Carolina coast, working toward a new career, and refusing her role in a blended family. But months later, she's only moved backwards, with no place to go except for the last place she wanted. Jobless, homeless, and still motherless, she shows up on her father's doorstep, desperate for a life and a love that can never be hers.

Now she's not only lost and resentful but forced to be housemates with someone she can never think of as her stepmom. She can't run away again, but she does run... miles and miles on the streets of Surfside Beach, right into a new chance and new friends at the local running store.

Meanwhile, Julie's dad Paul and his new wife Jessie navigate life as newlyweds, in their 60s, still grieving their own losses, and discovering what life looks like when you find love, again.

Run the familiar streets of Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach, too, with this close, complicated, relatable, and growing family.