The personal balance of time

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It’s a matter of choice, of priority, of necessity…

I think it’s a line that in particular, American women, are fed, that we “should” place priority on certain things (mainly, how we, our homes, our children, and our social media feeds should look). 

Run like you’re on fire

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Everyone finishing this race has a story. Everyone overcame something to be here. It’s such an easy metaphor for life… We want to have a story that matters.

Show up for yourself

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I was stressed and irritated and just plain mad about some things, and in my head, I heard a voice saying, They don’t listen to me. They’re not really with me.

And that is when I had an answer hit me even harder.

take a breath, sisters

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It’s been a little crazy around here. It’s been VERY unscheduled around here. My day job (and sometimes night job) is on a church staff. Office-wise, we kind of go with the school flow, which means hours are pretty flexible when school is out. Hurricane Florence has meant that school is still out. In fact, I’ve been home with the kids for two weeks, like a Christmas break 2.5 weeks after school started. Aaaaaand, the girls are off this week, too. (Jack attends a private preschool, and they are opening. Jesus is Lord, y’all!) The big picture here is huge. If you’ve seen my posts on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve seen. Our county and surrounding areas are undergoing historic, horrific… Read More »take a breath, sisters

self-care in the trenches: to our health

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Let me tell you about my recent self-care decision… Self-care is not simply what you want to do to feel good. It includes things that you must do.

miscarriage and our two year old

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The comparison game that women play creeps into grief as well. Just because you didn’t hold your baby or see your baby or even know the sex of your baby does not mean you did not lose a child. #miscarriagematters

Saying YES to self-care

We cannot, as grown adults, expect other people to know how to take care of us if we don’t lead the way. This isn’t news, people. If you have ever flown, you know you’re supposed to put your own oxygen mask first. So why is it that we make excuses for everything we put ourselves through?