emotional health

Run like you’re on fire

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Everyone finishing this race has a story. Everyone overcame something to be here. It’s such an easy metaphor for life… We want to have a story that matters.

Show up for yourself

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I was stressed and irritated and just plain mad about some things, and in my head, I heard a voice saying, They don’t listen to me. They’re not really with me.

And that is when I had an answer hit me even harder.

When you let go of “have to”

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It’s time to let go of some of those have-tos – whether they bring shininess or not – and get back to some core needs in myself that I have neglected.

The freedom of quitting

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What I discovered is that by managing my time (work stays at work, exercise takes place during a certain time of day, adult time and family time are non-negotiable), I can fit a lot of stuff in – all the essentials, lots of niceties, and many times, I have energy to spare, because I am taking care of myself.

Background people and the thrill of overfunctioning

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You see, the people in the background are working, working, working, just like the people in the spotlight… We often equate quitting with failure and disappointment, so much so that we hold on to things long past their use, their fruitfulness, or their healthy place in our lives.